Ryan Fawcett Music

Ryan Fawcett Music

Ryan Fawcett MusicRyan Fawcett MusicRyan Fawcett Music

Acoustic Guitarist, Singer & Songwriter



Embrace Your Passion

Ryan grew up outside of Boston, MA and always thought and dreamed in sound, rhythm, and beats. He uncovered his passion for music after his parents gave him a beat-up Fender guitar for Christmas, and treated him to a few lessons at the local music shop. From that point on, Ryan was involved in songwriting and various garage bands. In his teens, Ryan learned to perform live at open mics and talent shows, and eventually graduated on to perform at several bars, clubs, private parties, and universities across the greater Boston area. 


Live Life in Song

After spending several years in California, the street beats of Raleigh, NC, and booming local music scene is where Ryan currently lives and performs. Ryan’s live shows tend to consist of mostly popular cover songs, with a handful of original tunes mixed throughout. Ryan is continuously writing music and producomg songs in his home studio. He loves collaborating with other artists and experimenting with different sounds and genres of music.


Be Inspired By Everything

Ryan finds inspiration all around him.  He tries to make his original music representative of himself, while ensuring that his cover songs appeal to folks of all ages.